Mission Statement

Raise4aCause is a non-profit organization aimed towards combating “21st-century” obstacles through education, action, and volunteerism. It also aims to influence individuals to give back to their own communities.


Two of our founding members with a family at the Stride Against Suicide

Two of our founding members with a family at the Stride Against Suicide

With the turn of the new century, the world has been gradually redefined by a new string of problems gone previously unnoticed or neglected; as the United States continues an inevitable trend toward a consumerist culture and technology-based society, physical and mental issues are on the rise. Furthermore, with modern innovations globalizing the world to create a more interconnected environment, individuals are ultimately caught up in this fast-paced lifestyle. Because of this, many lose sight of the importance of cultivating a social conscience and humanitarian mind-set. 

Raise4aCause is unique in that it does not limit itself to a specific cause. It takes on a holistic view, acknowledging that the problems of the world are many and endless. Our team comes up with creative ways to raise money towards issues that they are passionate about. We want to have an impact in our community and the nation by setting off a chain of events that will continue to influence others. 

Raise4aCause also aims to lead and inspire the next leaders of our generation. It readily provides opportunities for anyone interested in getting involved. We want to show our peers that as members of a privileged community, we all have an obligation to give back. Our range of causes allows individuals to get interested in issues that they personally care about. Hopefully, Raise4aCause will be the launchpad of many into a lifetime of volunteerism and service. To learn more, please check out our Volunteer Resource Center. 



Raise4aCause began its journey in the spring of 2013. Founded on the idea that individuals have a moral obligation to make a difference in the world, it began planning for its first event, Rebuild Moore, soon after. Since then, it has continued to grow and expand, adding new members to its team and always looking for new ways to make a greater impact.