Committee members are limited to 2 - 3 members per board. Fill out an application here if interested in becoming a member. 

Finance and Logistics

Members primarily deal with updating social media and sponsor contact. They will also work to organize the Raise4aCause budget and donations. Contact Ramya Ramchandran at for questions or more information.

Human Resources and Community Engagement 

Members primarily deal with advertising and volunteer management. They will organize volunteer meetings, assign volunteer jobs, manage volunteers on event days, and look to spread the word in the community about events. Contact Autusa Behroozi at for questions or more information. 

Design and Creative Engagement

Members primarily deal with specific event day details and are in charge of designing t-shirts, flyers, posters, etc. for the organization. They also come up with creative ways to hold fundraising events in an engaging and effective way. Members are also responsible for updating the Raise4aCause website and taking pictures at events. Contact Jang Lee at for questions or more information.