The Record Run: Where Are the Pennies Going?

Raise4aCause is hosting its Record Run with generous support from the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Proceeds from this event will go towards cancer support programs; however, we want to be as transparent as possible by informing our sponsors and run participants, who have backed us up through every part of this journey, on where exactly their money is going. Raise4aCause is working closely with Callie Atkins, Fundraising and Events specialist at LIVESTRONG, so that your money will have a tangible and momentous impact towards supporting cancer.

The funds raised from the 5k Record Run will be donated to two different LIVESTRONG programs: LIVESTRONG at the Y and LIVESTRONG at School. The latter focuses on educating youth about cancer in an inspiring and empowering manner. With one in three people in the U.S. facing a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, cancer’s ubiquitous nature ultimately has an impact on children in classrooms everywhere - research shows that 25 percent of cancer survivors in the U.S. have school-aged children. The support children receive at school is just as important as the support they receive at home. Your funds will go towards providing materials and hiring instructors to educate youth about cancer. Additionally, the funds will be used to provide at school for children who have loved ones battling cancer.

LIVESTRONG at the Y is a partnership program with the YMCA that supports people affected by cancer in reaching their health and wellness goals. This program emphasizes health, not disease.  Your funds will contribute towards hosting rehabilitative programs for those who have overcome cancer, creating support groups, and hiring trainers/instructors.

The funds from our Record Run will be split between these two programs so that the money will contribute to the most necessary causes as deemed fit. The Raise4aCause team would like to give a generous thank you to our event participants and sponsors, who have come together and made possible these donations to the LIVESTRONG Foundation. 

Posted on February 1, 2015 .