On Volunteering

The past month has been a blur for me - from moving hundreds of miles away, being placed into a completely different environment and starting college. I’ve gradually started to adjust to a different lifestyle. It’s been a challenge to find time for everything I love to do and in a way, this time-balancing struggle has forced me to think about what I truly prioritize in my life. 

From painting, reading, and other things, I’ve also realized how important volunteering is to me. A word that can often become misconstrued to mean other things, volunteering has always symbolized the purist form of altruism for me. What’s more genuine and endearing than an individual sacrificing his/her time to benefit someone else? During my first few (of hopefully many) weeks at college, I realized that some things in my life were better left finished like playing the violin. On the other hand, I also realized that there are other things I want to keep continuing to do and be doing for the rest of my life. As I progress through college, I want to continue volunteering for the right reasons - whether it be through Raise4aCause or another organization. I realize that moving across the country to Massachusetts will make it difficult for me to stay involved with R4C, but I am hoping that my passion for volunteering will motivate me to work with the rest of the team to grow and expand Raise4aCause into something we can all be immensely proud of. As we all buckle in for the year and begin to plan our next event, I’m excited to figure out logistics and details - but at the same time intent on staying consistent with the true purpose of volunteering.


Posted on September 21, 2015 .