Co-Founder / Vice President of Community Engagement and Human Resources 

        I am a senior at Flower Mound High School looking forward to attending college in fall of 2015. My hopes are to attend Stanford University and major in Environmental Architecture where I hope to expand and innovate in the infantile field of designing sustainable buildings. My vision for the future would be to see urban living become sustainable to where building systems would be strategically built; these systems would be self- operating and would recycle waste byproducts to be incorporated in future projects.

        There was one main reason why I decided Raise 4 a Cause needed to be founded: most organizations provide funding, supplies, or service to keep problems in the world at bay, but I wanted to develop something to completely eliminate the problems. The fight against AIDS in Africa exemplifies our core concepts perfectly. There are doctors working long shifts in tents, used as medical buildings, hopelessly trying to revive the tens and hundreds of AIDS patients come for care. Although the doctors are working tirelessly, they only seem to be easing the illness's effects. However, the root of this problem is the fact that people are getting AIDS in the first place. If Africans received more information about the transmission of AIDS, the problem would start to die out at its root. That’s why we decided to found Raise 4 a Cause centered the key concept of education. Most organizations catch a man a fish and feed him for a day; we work to teach a man to fish, so we can feed him for a lifetime.

        What sets us apart is the fact that we are innovators in the way we attack worldwide problems, and we are an organization founded by high-schoolers. And we will continue to be composed of primarily high school students. The youth generation will be living in the future, so we should be the people to change it.